Topic-specific workshops listed are the most frequently requested and are available for you to bring into your agency.

If, due to limited need, time, agency size, or financial limitations, etc., you feel unable to make such an investment, please contact Lisa regarding "hosting". Through this concept, many previous clients have trained their own personnel for little or no cost.

After selecting which of the workshops you believe will best meet your needs, please contact Lisa, who will provide additional information to ensure it, such as:

- Each workshop has instructional objectives, identifying what each participant will be able to do upon completion. These will: 1) elaborate on the overview, 2) prevent an overlap of information should you decide to combine days/workshops, and 3) provide a stimulus should you decide to customize your training.

- In order to include time for each learner to experience and process the learning activities, each workshop has been designed for a maximum number of participants and specific level of learner.
If in selecting a topic-specific workshop we find a need for modification, Lisa will work with you to either 1) tailor existing workshop objectives, or 2) design a curriculum which will best meet your training needs.
If you find that the topic-specific workshops do not fit your training needs, Lisa will work with you to either 1) design a curriculum which will, or 2) recommend sources better suited to meeting those needs.

Lisa is also available to work with your subject-matter-experts to develop curriculum and train them to use it.

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